martedì 6 novembre 2007

Scarlet rules!

Scarlet is out!


The first public beta release of Scarlet is officially out!

Scarlet is a free, open source, clustering extension to Atlassian Jira. Scarlet answers to one of the Jira customer's frequently asked question: how to make an higly available Jira installation? How to make it scale?

This was definitely an insormontable issue until Sergio Bossa attacked the problem using one of the most interesting open source pieces of code available today, Terracotta DSO.

 The first reaction when you see Terracotta at work it's... jawdropping. The second is that you start to think at how many things you can do now with a better performance and/or with less headaches (ie without the app server). Believe me, it's amazing. And if you want to dig deep in terracotta, you'll also make good use of your deep knowledge of Doug Lea's Concurrent Programming and Brian Goetz Concurrency in practice, which is a good thing(tm) Main features:

  • fool-proof setup clustering solution
  • completely transparent: no new things to learn 
  • just plain old java objects with steroids!
Download Scarlet here and let us know what do you think. Ah, and did I mention that we will also be at Javapolis to meet you and describe our code in depth? Stay tuned.

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