giovedì 13 dicembre 2007

Great fun @ Javapolis…

Ok, it was a BOF, and at 9.00 PM. And, we didn't manage to get the Javapolis tickets in time (ironically, I am also a Jug Leader with a free pass), so we were in the unfortunate position of being speakers withouth the rights to stay at the conference :(

But the talk has been great fun, lot of questions and interaction. Being the last BOF we also used an extra half-hour... and we had the terracotta guys attending the meeting (isn't it strange to hear other people talking about your product? That probably means your baby is moving up in the world), they also helped us on some questions, mostly details on an undocumented feature like the active/active server master Ari mentioned in its response to Bela Ban

Definitely, terracotta is a great product with a very competent team. And me and Sergio had great fun in hacking Jira. Next target: cluster Confluence?

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