domenica 7 dicembre 2008

iPhone applications up and running...

And finally, they are.

Almost 20 days to approve the contract, phew.

And now, let's find the bug: in the iFiscal app, some users reported crashes and hangs. Unfortunately, the app works pretty well in the simulator and on all physical devices I tested. Right now, I don't know how to fix it: I found a little leak with Instruments which I'll fix as soon as possible, but it appears to be not related to the crashes reported (apparently all on "cambio comune").

If you own an iphone/ipod touch and the application didn't work for you, let me know exactly the firmware and the exact model of your device (f.e. iPhone 16Gb, 2nd generation, fw 2.2), and what you were doing.

Update: ah, let me also know if it's jailbreaked (no, I'm not an apple employee :) ). Perhaps it doesn't mean anything, but I didn't test the app on a jailbreaked iphone, and the users who reported me the crash have all a jailbreaked iphone.

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