giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

2.5 tiers, SOFEA and SOUI

Massimiliano Dessì pointed me to this TSS entry, in which authors discussed their paper "Life above the service tier", 2 years ago. Their SOFEA architecture (someone calls it SOUI) looks very much like the 2.5 tiers and indeed is. Some observation:
  • 2.5 tiers name is technically not very precise, but IMHO much more evocative.
  • I don't think there will be space anymore in the future for Adobe/Java/whatever based RIAS (Flex or JavaFX), the irect Javascript approach on the client is becoming mainstream, much more easy to code/debug than before, and without losing crossbrowser-ness
  • Completely agree on the Front-Controller being an anti-pattern now
There is probably the need for a new integrated "web framework" built on Javascript (probably with JQuery) and REST. Any volunteer?

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